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Film adaptation is the art of transferring written work into a feature film.  The most common form of film adaption is based on novels.  Other film adaptations include autobiographies, comic books, scripts, and plays.

You are likely no stranger to viewing a film or video production that was originally a piece of written work.  Many novels have been turned into films. “Between 1994 and 2013, 58% of the top grossing films in the world were adaptations.”  History has shown us that adapting best-selling novels into films is a popular trend.  In many cases the film becomes more popular than the novel itself.

Bestsellers and historically acclaimed pieces such as Gone with the Wind, The Great Gatsby, The Firm, Schindler’s List, The Da Vinci Code, The Godfather, Jurassic Park, Silence of the Lambs, and The Lord of the Rings saga were all brought from text to the big screen.  More recently these three series have made the same move:

  1. Harry Potter
  2. The Twilight Saga
  3. The Hunger Games

Harry Potter

Harry Potter is a fantasy novel series written by British author J.K. Rowling.  Harry Potter is a seven part series that chronicles the adventures of young wizards Harry Potter and his friends Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger.  All of whom are students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry.

The series quickly gained popularity and success after the release of the first novel, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in 1997.

  • Eight part film series, the seventh novel was split into two films.
  • Highest grossing film series as of October 2014.
  • Brand is worth in excess of $15 billion.
  • Harry Potter themed attractions have been created at several Universal Parks and Resorts.


The Twilight Saga

Twilight is a romance fantasy novel series written by American author Stephenie Meyer. Twilight is a four-part series that chronicles the highs and lows of a relationship between a human teenager and a vampire.

The success of the novels and films generated major buzz for upcoming actors Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner.

  • Five part film series, the fourth novel was split into two films, all released between 2008 and 2012



The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games is a series of three adventure novels written by American author Suzanne Collins. The Hunger Games series follows Katniss Everdeen as she continues to rebel/fight against a dictatorship known as The Capitol.

  • Four part film series, the third novel will was split into two films.  With the last film, The Mockingjay Part 2, to be released in November 2015.
  • The trilogy has sold more than 65 million copies in the United States alone.
  • With the three films released already, The Hunger Games series is the 16th highest grossing film franchise.



The works of many other authors have been adapted into film form, William Shakespeare, Jane Austen and Charles Dickens just to name a few.  Two notable authors that come to mind that have generated several novel to film adaptation are:

  1. Nicholas Sparks
  2. Stephen King


Nicholas Sparks

Nicholas Sparks is an American novelist, screenwriter and producer,  who is best known for his romantic drama novels.  Ten of those novels have been adapted into a film, with the latest released in April 2015.

  • Message in a Bottle
  • A Walk to Remember
  • The Notebook
  • Nights in Rodanthe
  • Dear John
  • The Last Song
  • The Lucky One
  • Safe Haven
  • The Best of Me
  • The Longest Ride



Stephen King

Stephen King is an American author of contemporary horror, supernatural fiction, suspense, science fiction and fantasy.  His novels and short stories have sold over 350 million copies, with many also having been adapted into feature films, including:

  • Carrie
  • The Shawshank Redemption
  • The Shining
  • The Green Mile



Producing content on multiple platforms allows individuals to experience something in different ways.

Have you ever heard the statement “seeing is believing”? It may not apply to everything, however taking print or an idea and using it to create video can develop someone’s understanding of it – allowing them to have a better grasp of the words or concept and to visualize a process, action or situation in a way they had not considered or imagined.

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You’ve heard about the breakout musical artists that found fame online (for more information on that, read Shawn Mendes and Walk Off The Earth find music success using Social Media),  but they are not the only ones.  A few other individuals have achieved success by posting online tutorials about beauty/makeup/fashion, comedy sketches and other content and videos as well.

YouTube and online stars and series have grown in popularity so much, that they have their own community and fans.  Award shows like The Webby Awards and events like DigiTour and #YouTubeFanfest now exist to celebrate this growing community.

The Webby’s

The Webby Awards is the leading international award honouring excellence on the internet.
Since their creation in 1996, The Webby’s reflect on the growth of the internet and honours excellence in five major media types.

  1. Websites
  2. Interactive Advertising & Media
  3. Online Film & Video
  4. Mobile Sites & Apps
  5. Social

“The Webby Awards is the internet’s most respected symbol of success.  Receiving nearly 13,000 entries from all 50 states and over 60 countries worldwide.”


DigiTour is an event that brings your favourite YouTube and Vine stars to you via the world’s first all ages social media tour.

The tour features Hayes Grier, Aaron Carpenter and many more.

The 19-city tour makes a stop in Toronto on June 13, 2015 at Echo Beach. Click here to see the schedule.

YouTube Fanfest

YouTube Fanfest brings YouTube’s biggest superstars from around the world together on stage for unique live shows.

This year’s event took place May 2, 2015 at Yonge & Dundas Square in Toronto and included:

  • Free showcase featuring 12 YouTube stars
  • Hosted by YouTube funny lady Jenna Marbles
  • Also appearing Bethany Moto and more
  • Each star has over 1 million subscribers
  • 3 hour red carpet event
Source: Google Images

Source: Google Images

As the popularity of online stars grow, so does the possibility of global fame through viral videos. Individuals post their content online hoping to build a niche following and expand from there, whether they are a musician, actor, talent scout, or expert.  The fans who may discover these individuals play a major role in spreading the word through e-mail, online forums and social media.

The uses of the online world are expanding everyday, becoming the norm for individuals to enjoy TV shows, movies, listen to music, and many more everyday activities.

As you can see, there are now award shows and events to honour and recognize the online community; but despite growing popularity they have not yet trumped more established media award ceremonies such as the Oscars or Grammys.

These online events have yet to create as much buzz or recognition as the more-historic Awards shows broadcasted on primetime TV. The Webby’s is not a “must-see” event for the masses…yet. However it may just be a matter of time before we all tune in to honour online media achievement in addition to feature films and music artistry.

Are you working on a concept for your viral video or social media campaign?



Vinyl Records, Cassette Tapes, CDs, MP3s, Online Streaming, which digital age of music were or are you a part of? All of them or just a few? The way music lovers listen to their favourite tunes has not always been the way it is today.

The Digital Age of Music


Courtesy of Google Images

Thanks to the evolution of music technology, music has become more accessible and delivered on a number of different platforms over the years.

Before the popularity of MP3s and online streaming, the luxury of listening to music was not as simple or portable.  The evolution of music technology Radio and the introduction of FM was the first form of music technology. If you wanted to listen to music, you could only do so via the airwaves.

By the 1950s FM radio became mainstream and through RCA the cassette tape was born. In 1983 cassette tapes overtook vinyl as the most popular medium.

In the 1970s and 1980s we saw the advancement of music mediums.  Sony invented the Walkman and the Discman was introduced. The Walkman and Discman were devices that made it possible to listen to music on the go.

The CD became increasingly popular, overtaking the use of cassettes, and the 1990s saw the emergence of MP3s. MP3s are a compressed form of audio data. The 1990s introduced us to the world of MP3s and online file sharing.  However, the 2000s was the true era of MP3s. With the rise of MP3s, CD sales started to decline.


Courtesy of Google Images

Apple released the iPod, a palm-sized hard drive based music player, with the iTunes store launching in 2003.  Since the release of the iPod in 2001, Apple is one of the leaders in the digital music technology today. An innovator in music players, Apple has introduced many makes and models of the iPod since its debut.

From 2005-2008 the trend of posting music online gained popularity. YouTube and  Soundcloud were founded.  YouTube has helped launch the careers and discovery of artists like Shawn Mendes, Walk off the Earth, The Weekend and Arctic Monkeys.  (To learn how social media helped some of these artists grow their audience, read:  Soundcloud allows potential and established artists to embed their music easily on shareable pages. Viewers can then stay on that artist’s website or channel and listen to their songs directly from it.

Spotify, a social streaming service, started in 2008. Allowing listeners to stream music from their desktop, phone and tablet.

2013 and beyond is what can be branded the “age of streaming”. iTunes is at the forefront of the music shopping, with two-thirds of worldwide music purchases made through the app. Music streaming revenue also grew and online radio continued to compete with traditional radio.

  • 30% of music consumers use online streaming, with 1/5 of them paying for it.
  • Spotify has over 50 million users streaming music online, with 12.5 million subscribers.

Although some of these musical formats may not be a popular choice anymore, there are music lovers who enjoy keeping the old ways of enjoying music alive and have a collection of vinyl records or still go out and buy a physical copy of an album.

If the stats and numbers are any indication, traditional music listening technology is disappearing and becoming less available. Listening to music is moving into and potentially beyond the digital online streaming world. From vinyl to cassette to CDs to MP3 to online streaming, we’ve seen quite the evolution of music technology.

The digital age of music has made it infinitely more accessible. Having an online platform has made music easily accessible to download and share music with a wide range of people. With the internet easily accessed by the touch of a button, users can receive digital content on the go, on their mobile or MP3 devices. Music being online has given individuals a quick, easy and user friendly way to listen to, enjoy, and discover music both old and new.

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The creation of social media, has allowed for television to become an interactive experience.  Viewers can join a live conversation with others who are also watching, sharing their thoughts and opinions during and after viewing.  A majority of television series now use social media to connect with their audience – allowing the show’s creators, stars and producers to join the online conversation and interact with fans.

Here are a few shows that utilize social media well:

  1. The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
  2. The Voice
  3. The Social
  4. Schitt’s Creek

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Since the debut of The Tonight Show in 1954, the show has garnered six hosts.  The current host Jimmy Fallon and the program itself display a great connection with their audience through social media.

How the Tonight Show uses Social Media

Fallon and his Tonight Show team come up with multiple ways to incorporate social media within the show.  One specific weekly segment they do is #Hashtags.  A day or two before, the @FallonTonight Twitter account tweets out the week’s hashtag topic. During Thursday’s broadcast Fallon shares his favourite responses.  Check out a few Tonight Show #Hashtags videos  here.

Also, although each week’s shows are pre-taped, when it airs at 11:35 PM, The Tonight Show takes part in live tweeting during each episode. To join the conversation insert #FallonTonight in your tweets.

These elements are popular and effective because a key aspect of social media is it allows everyone to have their say and TV shows are taking advantage of the increased interconnectivity that social media can provide. The Tonight Show is able to provide their audience with the opportunity to be involved in the show itself!


The Voice

The Voice is a singing reality competition program for aspiring artists. The series employs a panel of four coaches who critique the artists’ performances.  Each coach guides their teams of selected artists through the remainder of the season. The current coaches on this season are Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton and Pharrell.

How The Voice uses Social Media

Although the show doesn’t go live until the battle rounds (where two contestants from one team go head-to-head and their coach picks the one who will move on), while the blind auditions broadcast on-air, the four coaches tweet along with the viewers and share their thoughts and opinions about the contestants.  There is also a lot of playful banter between the coaches.

Viewers each week vote by phone, text and online.  It wasn’t until season five in 2013, that the “Instant Save” was introduced.  The Instant Save allowed viewers a five minute window during the live eliminations to vote via Twitter, by tweeting #VoiceSave[insert contestant’s name here]. This determined which contestant will continue on in the competition.

This allows viewers, directly through social media, to determine who continues on and eventually determine the winner.  The Voice Facebook page shares more video content, posting performance and behind the scenes videos. This is useful for viewers who may have happened to miss an episode.


The Social

The Social is a Canadian talk show hosted by four women, Melissa Grelo, Cynthia Loyst. Lainey Lui and Traci Melchor, discussing the day’s hot topics.  The Social prides themselves in being a socially interactive series, incorporating viewer feedback and conversation through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more.

How The Social uses Social Media

If you ever had a chance to catch an episode of The Social, it is very apparent that incorporating social media during the episodes is the crux of the series.  They encourage their viewers to join the conversation by tweeting or posting comments on their Facebook page.  Viewers who take part have their comments shared throughout the show. This allows a  dialogue between the hosts and the TV audience in real time since the show is live, giving viewers an outlet to discuss and give their opinions on the day’s hot topics.


Schitt’s Creek

Schitt’s Creek is a Canadian television sitcom that airs every Tuesday on CBC. The show stars SCTV alumni Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara.  Schitt’s Creek is about a wealthy couple who lose all their money are forced to rebuild their lives in a small town.

The cast uses social media to promote the weekly series.  They also live tweet during each week’s episode.  See the tweet below from cast member Dan Levy as an example.

To join the Schitt’s Creek conversation follow @SchittsCreek, @danjlevy and @Realeugenelevy on Twitter.


It’s not only TV shows that can use social media to connect with an audience. Check out how some companies right here in Hamilton, Ontario are utilizing social media strategy! 



In 2015, the JUNO Awards found its way back to Hamilton, Ontario.  This was the fifth time in JUNO history that Hamilton had the honour of being the host city.  Hamilton also hosted the JUNO Awards in 1995, 1996, 1997 and 2001.

About the JUNO Awards

The JUNO Awards is an annual event that takes place to honour and showcase the best in Canadian music.  They were introduced in 1970, it wasn’t until 1975 that the awards were broadcast live.  After 21 years, the JUNOS left the city of Toronto and hit the road.  Since then, a new Canadian city hosts the event each year.


The JUNOS is not just a one day event, it’s a full week.  Leading up to the big show on Sunday, many events were taking place in and around Hamilton.

(Click on the hashtags below to see the conversation on Twitter.)

SirusXM Juno Awards Kick Off

The Sheepdogs, Tokyo Police Club and Say Yes officially kicked off the festivities with a live show at Hamilton’s historic Liuna Station.


JUNOfest is a two-night music celebration that is part of JUNO Week 2015 that will hit more than 15 venues across the city.  JUNOfest is chance for the public to attend live shows from established and upcoming Canadian artists.  This event is an excellent promotional tool for local business.


juno_awards_hamilton_2015_hockeyJUNO Cup is a charitable hockey game, where NHL greats and Olympic athletes face off against Canadian musicians.  The JUNO Cup was first introduced in 2004.  This fun game is something you won’t see anywhere else.  Where else but the JUNO Cup can you see former Maple Leaf Gary Roberts cross-check Canadian rocker Chris Crippin? #JUNOCup

JUNO Fan Fare

juno_awards_hamilton_2015_shawn_mendesJUNO Fan Fare brought the masses to Limeridge Mall.  Fan fare is an opportunity for fans to meet their favourite Canadian artists.

Artists like Shawn Mendes, Arkells, Lights, Sam Roberts and Dallas Smith, just to name a few, all took part.

Twitter and Instagram were buzzing with photos of fans, the artists and lots of selfies!  #JUNOFanFare


JUNO Red Carpet

The red carpet is one of the most exciting element of any awards show.  Whether you are lucky enough to be part of it in person or watch it on television from home, it’s the place where all your favourite celebrities arrive.  I got to experience the red carpet live up close and personal.

juno_awards_hamilton_2015_red_carpetThere was a strong effort to build the red carpet’s online presence.  Reporters were using selfie sticks during their interviews, while showcasing the crowd. A Vine 360 cam captured the full head to toe look of the artists.  Fans were also involved, tweeting their photos from the red carpet using #JUNORedCarpet and #JUNOS.  JUNO TV live streamed the whole event for viewers at home.

2015 JUNO Awards

Before the show kicked off, a slideshow on two video screens displayed how the audience stayed connected through the entire event using social media.  Photos and videos from all the JUNO events were being shared on the JUNOS online pages.  A montage video featured a look into the beauty and history of Hamilton.

Social media was the source of determining which artist took home the TD Canada Trust Fan Choice award.  The fan choice awards is powered by voting through Twitter and Facebook.
Live tweeting from many radio, TV and online media outlets, took place during the event.

@TheJUNOawards updated their Twitter page throughout the broadcast, posting videos of the night’s performers.  #JUNOTV also hosted a backstage lounge, where they interviewed the night’s big winners.

Smartphones were being used more than digital cameras to capture the moment.  By being able to use a smartphone, individuals could post/share their content in real time on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

In addition to the internet and social media platforms buzzing with information about the Hamilton-based event, the JUNO Awards were beneficial to the host city in a number of ways, such as:

  • Increasing tourism
  • Promoting local businesses
  • Increasing revenue for local businesses
  • Supporting local musicians

All in all, the 2015 JUNO Awards was a very memorable event and had a great online presence to help add to the conversation.

–Jennifer Hanhan, Communications Coordinator, New Motto Inc.

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