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I had the privilege of connecting with a number of enthusiastic local thinkers during Startup Weekend Hamilton held at Innovation Factory / McMaster Innovation Park. Teams connected over the course of the weekend to build online application concepts, even working prototypes to practice brining an idea to market. I attended as a mentor during the Saturday portion, when much of the initial building and market research happens.

Startup Weekend Hamilton - via Software Hamilton

Startup Weekend Hamilton – via

This was my first Startup Weekend. I was instantly impressed by the quality of initial concepts. The industries impacted by the concepts were diverse, ranging from healthcare to business to data mining. It was impressive to see the diversity of skill sets available in the room and to watch how cohesive some of the teams became in such a short period of time. I spent a great deal of time with a team working on an app to enhance networking by adding advanced note-taking and notifications to a user’s smartphone contact list.

I have to give a big thanks to Chad Fullerton for the invitation to help mentor! And to anyone who didn’t make Start Weekend Hamilton this year, definitely keep your eye out for it next time–it’s a can’t-miss.