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Looking for federal or provincial funding opportunities? Need AI to fast-track your business goals?
Or would you just like more sales leads and brand awareness?
See what an experienced Digital Advisor can do for your business.

3 Ways We Help


1) Get your business funded

Get help applying for government grants to grow your business.


2) Grow sales via eMarketing

Get your website, SEM, and social media advertising converting into new sales.


3) Increase capacity through AI

Get amazed by how efficient your business will become, when you leverage the right AI tools.

Every skill you need, to grow

We have supported hundreds of companies across Canada, as CDAP-approved digital advisors, and OCI-approved digital adoption consultants.

Canadian business owners are passionate about their products & services, and they take pride in providing the best they can to their customers.

This degree of attention to quality often  leaves little time for growth planning. We don’t have time to apply for that great grant opportunity. We don’t run the right digital ad at the right time. We fail to launch AI tools  or automations fast enough to lead in our industry. >> New Motto is changing all that.

Our goal is to protect that truly Canadian desire our clients have, to deliver their best, while ensuring they have the tools and resources available to compete–not just locally, but globally.

We believe Canadian businesses are ready to start thinking bigger, producing more, and growing to their full potential.

We want our clients to focus on what they do best, while we support the areas that will help their business to grow, such as: federal, provincial and municipal funding, digital marketing and branding, and operational efficiencies like digital automation and artificial intelligence strategy.

Put our team to work for you. Together, we’ll make sure your business has every skill you need to grow.


Our Digital Advisor Team | Expert Approaches

15+ Years

Leading digital adoptions for SMEs all across Canada.

Custom Solutions

Tailoring digital programs based on  goals and available resources.

Powerful Talent Pool

A robust creative team of 30+ digital specialists.

Collaborative Approach

Friendly, prompt support for client’s team leads and trusted partners.

Creative Integration

Ensuring digital plans support branding and user-experience.

Risk Management

Recommending contingency plans to ensure success.

Get access to one of the top digital advisors in Canada.

Our team was selected as part of the top 1%** of digital technology advisors across Canada, during the unprecedented $4B CDAP digital adoption funding program. Put our team to work for your business today.

We Support All Industries | Client Success

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National Support, Headquartered in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

* For full details on the Boost Your Business Technology grant, offered by the Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP), please visit:

**Estimated 400,000 digital technologies companies in Canada as of 2024, with ~4,000 unique CDAP-Approved digital advisors.

DISCLAIMER: New Motto Inc. is not affiliated with the Government of Canada, nor are they a government agency.