Funding Advisors

Our funding advisors provide expert guidance to businesses seeking financial support, helping them navigate the complex landscape of grants, loans, subsidies and investment opportunities.

What We Do

Find Your Funding

Through our guided questionnaire, we search for your current funding options.

Prepare Application

We support all submission documentation and business planning required to qualify.

Ensure Payment

We make sure all your funding committments are met, after approval, to ensure your timely payment.

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How we help you get funding.

1. Strategic Funding Assessments

  • Comprehensive analysis of your business’s primary goals, corporate structure, financial health and funding needs. We identify viable funding opportunities tailored to your specific business goals and advise on the best strategies to secure these funds.

2. Grant Writing, Research and Application Assistance

  • Our average submission is ~50 pages of tailored content for each funding opportunity we develop for clients. We provide expert support in identifying optimal use of funding opportunities, crafting compelling grant proposals, and navigating the complex application process to maximize your chances of success.

3. Business Plan Development

  • Assistance in creating detailed, robust business plans that clearly outline your business model, market analysis, and financial projections, essential for both funding bodies and for your own investment planning.

4. Loan Application Processing

  • Guidance through each unique loan application process, including documentation preparation and review to ensure all requirements are met for a higher likelihood of approval.

5. Stakeholder Proposal Preparation

  • Development of persuasive stakeholder presentations and/or pitch decks that effectively communicate your business vision, value proposition, and growth potential to attract financial. andtime investments, from stakeholders and partners.

6. Negotiation and Deal Structuring

  • Skilled negotiation on your behalf to secure favorable funding terms and deal structuring that aligns with your long-term business objectives.

7. Compliance and Documentation

  • Ensure all funding processes are compliant with relevant laws and regulations, and assist with the meticulous preparation and handling of necessary documentation.

8. Post-Funding Strategy Planning

  • Ongoing advisory services to efficiently manage and allocate funds, including strategies for reinvestment, financial management, and preparing for future funding rounds.

9. Innovation Funding Workshops

  • Workshops and seminars focusing on aligning evolving long-term business goals with future funding opportunities, to expedite implementation while managing investment risk.


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