Building Your AI Strategy

Unlock the potential of artificial intelligence for your business with our organizational AI strategy building process. Our AI Advisors guide you through every step of AI integration, ensuring your business harnesses the power of AI.

Our Organizational AI Onboarding Process

Workflow Enhancement Analysis

Gap analysis of work tasks to identify ideal areas of AI support.

AI Recommendation

Select best AI tools to support workflow productivity enhancement.

AI Implementation Roadmap

Detail roles, timelines, and required technology budgets.

AI Installations & Training

Support software setups & team training, using practical workflow examples.


Improve Workflow Efficiency

AI can automate complex and repetitive tasks, allowing businesses to streamline operations, reduce human error, and free up employees for higher-value work.


Competitive Advantage

Stay ahead by adapting to market changes and emerging trends more swiftly and effectively than your competitors.


Improved Decision-Making

Harness predictive analytics and data-driven insights to make more informed, strategic decisions that align with business objectives and market dynamics.

Our Experience in AI

New Motto has supported AI strategy development for over 50 businesses across Canada.

We address AI strategy for organizations at three levels:

1. Office Workflow Technologies – ChatGPT / DALL-E, Google Gemini, Meta AI, Co-Pilot, as well as apps with high-functioning built-in AI capabilities, such as Adobe Creative Suite, Canva, Synthesia, and many more…

2. Operational / Financial Technologies – This is where we would categorize either custom-built AI solutions, requiring assistance from advanced AI software and architecture developers, or advanced integrations using frameworks like OpenAI, Google DeepMind, IBM Watson, Microsoft AI, or Amazon AI.

3. Policy & Ethics – ensuring all decisions made surrounding AI for your organization meet or exceed the expectations of your corporate values, as well as all applicable regulatory bodies in your industry.

As AI opens new doors to critical data vulnerabilities, New Motto also maintains rigorous cybersecurity policy and compliance supported by third party cybersecurity compliance management and dedicated IT support.

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