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What is Supercrawl? 

James Street Supercrawl logo


Started in 2009 by Hamilton artists and community leaders, Supercrawl was created to enhance cultural experiences including the arts, music, fashion, performance, crafts and food and build on the James Street monthly Art Crawl.  Over the past six years, Supercrawl has grown in popularity, going from a one day to weekend long block party.

This free event will take place on James Street North in downtown Hamilton and runs from September 11-13.


Fred Penner appeared at Supercrawl

Fred Penner Source:

What to expect?

Supercrawl is Hamilton’s premium block party with live music from local and global artists, food trucks and more.  As in years past, there will be four stages for viewing pleasure, showcasing the entertainment.

A family zone is available, filled with activities for young children and parents.


Music Lineup

Artists from Canada & US have been announced to perform during the two day festivities.  Indie rockers and Hamilton natives, @BlackRhinoRiot, @CorbLund, @daniellanois, @alyssaleclair and @Monster_Truck_ are among the 50 + musical acts scheduled to showcase their talents at Supercrawl 2015.

Monster Truck Source:


To keep up with the festivities all weekend and share your experiences, check out Supercrawl’s social media pages.


Twitter: @supercrawl

Instagram: supercrawl

And if you are attending Supercrawl 2015 or simply want to discuss it, join the conversation by using the hashtags #Supercrawl2015 & #HamOnt.

For further information about the music lineup, vendors and more visit



Remember when you could only watch the news? Now the words hashtag, tweet, post, Facebook, and Twitter are all part of the broadcast news vocabulary.

With the rise of social media, new ways of communicating with news networks have emerged.  Through the internet and social media platforms, viewers can openly voice their opinions, concerns, likes and dislikes.

If you are a regular viewer of news programming you will notice these changes that have occurred over the last few years.  When watching the morning or evening editions, the following are often involved:

  • Using hashtags (#) to join the conversation
  • News anchors commenting on trending topics
  • Displaying news channels’, journalists’ and guests’ Twitter, Instagram or Facebook pages to connect with or share
  • During interviews, questions can be taken via social media

A few prominent examples of TV News channels or programs that incorporate these social media tools in their broadcast are CHCH TV, CTV Canada AM and BNN (Business News Network).


Hamilton, Ontario’s TV channel uses social media in many different ways.  Throughout their news broadcast they will mention topics that are trending online.

One specific show, Square Off,  has hosts Mark Hebscher and Liz West debating the issues of the day.  Square Off allows viewers to have their say too, near the end of the program time is allotted for viewers to share their opinions.  Viewers can weigh in through email, Twitter @SquareOffCHCH or by phone 905-522-1101 or 1-888-632-6680 ext 230.

CTV Canada AM

Canada AM gets viewers’ day started with the latest local, national and international news, business, weather sports and entertainment.


Source: CTV Canada AM website


Source: CTV Canada AM website

Twitter accounts/handles are displayed when introducing the news anchors and guests that are being interviewed, allowing viewers to tweet their thoughts, comments, and potentially connect with the host or guest to learn more.  Their Facebook page allows viewers to read, share and comment on news posts and stories.


Business News Network (BNN), is Canada’s only all business and financial news channel. BNN features live interviews with CEOs, as well as financial and market professionals across North America and around the world. Through their programming, their hosts take questions from viewers that are interested in the latest business news via phone, email and Twitter.  BNN shares news on their Facebook page to allow viewers to comment on their posts as well.


Source: BNN website


Source: BNN website

Having viewers take part and have their say through the broadcast engages the audience and encourages them to share their opinion and ask important questions that may be on the minds of others witnessing the program as well.

We’ve moved into the online age and many individuals get their news from Facebook and Twitter.  Pew Research Centre for People & The Press, found 33 percent of young adults got news from social networks the day before, while 34 percent watched TV news and only 13 percent read print or digital newspaper content.

Overall, the study says, the major trends driving the growth and change of digital news are social media, as well as the rapid adoption of mobile internet devices. Whether you get your news from watching the daily TV broadcast, online, or a combination of the two, staying connected to the audiences/viewers through social media is now an integral part of TV news programs.

Social Media can allow you to open two-way communication with people, share important information, collect feedback, and more. Are you looking for a new way to connect?



Today it seems there are applications (apps) for everything and anything!

Whether you are looking for an app for entertainment (AngryBirds),news (CTV), banking (TD Canada Trust)or online purchases(Ticketmaster) the App store has the app for you! Apps are constantly being created and developed. It can become difficult to keep up with them all.  Since apps are becoming increasingly popular and successful, many developers are viewing apps as a trend that won’t end anytime soon, and see apps as a great opportunity both socially and professionally.

What is an App?

When talking about apps, we’re certainly not referring to a delicious appetizer you make at home or order from a restaurant.

An app is a type of software that allows you to perform specific tasks. Applications for desktop or laptop computers are sometimes called desktop applications, and those for mobile devices are called mobile apps.

Two of the latest popular social apps are Periscope and Snapchat.


Periscope is the new live broadcast app which was recently purchased by social media giant Twitter.  It allows you to record anything on your phone and publish it in real-time for anyone to watch around the world.  The live broadcast gives viewers or followers a chance to interact by allowing them to post comments and chat as well.


Source: The Huffington Post


Snapchat is a video messaging app.  Users can take photos, record videos, add text and drawings, and send them to a controlled list of recipients.  These sent photographs and videos are known as “Snaps”. Users set a time limit for how long recipients can view their Snaps.
With the growing popularity of apps some celebrities have added mobile device application creator to their personal brand portfolio.  Ellen DeGeneres, Jimmy Fallon and even Tom Hanks are just a few of Hollywood A-listers to have created their own app.

Ellen Degeneres

The popular comedian has created two successful apps, Heads Up! and Ellentube.

Heads Up!

The object of the game is to have your partner or group guess as many correct answers before time runs out by acting it out or describing it.  The topics can range from naming celebrities to silly accents.


Ellentube is the video destination for Ellen. Find the best and exclusive show content, user submitted videos, celebrity interviews, games, giveaways, and more.

Jimmy Fallon

The Tonight Show host with help from SparkleFarmer created the Tedzy Bear Game app.  The game is about a sleepy bear trying to gather feathers for his pillow.

Check out this video of Jimmy explaining the new game.


Tom Hanks

As a collector of typewriters, Tom Hanks created the app Hanx Writer. Hanx Writer recreates the experience of a manual typewriter, but with the ease and speed of an iPad or iPhone.


Source: Greek Hollywood Reporter

With a unique purpose, each of these apps has given users a different way to communicate or perform a select task with more ease and convenience than before.

Do you have a service that could benefit by using an online app? Or could you use any of these apps for promotion?





SPOILER ALERT!!! If you don’t want to know how the current season of your favourite TV shows or series finale ends, stay away from social media.

Depending on what part of the world you live and which time zone you are in,  the use of social media can affect when and what you learn about your preferred television programs.

Becoming more popular with TV viewing is interacting through social media as you watch the current episode.  The Twitter account of the show and many of the actors, directors, producers, or showrunners may “live tweet” as the audience watches, allowing for two-way communication between the actors and the fans, fan interaction and also a behind-the-scenes look at the show.  However, at the same time it could lead to spoilers for those not currently watching the show live.

When it comes to watching television, we believe there are 3 type of viewers:

1. Watching the live episode each week

These are viewers that have to be home at the time or before the new episode of the week is about to air.  They consider each episode a “can’t miss” event and like to watch it right away.

2. PVR to watch later

These individuals may not be available to watch the new weekly episode live. They will record the episode and watch at their convenience during the week.


Source: Google Images

3. Binge watchers      

Binge watchers are those who PVR, download or stream multiple episodes to watch one after another, instead of waiting each week to watch a new episode.

A few television series that generate a lot of social media buzz by live tweeting with each new episode are:

Click on the above links to their Twitter accounts for more information.

These three shows have generated trending topics based on the storyline, a shocking conclusion to an episode and/or cliffhangers.

Grey’s Anatomy recently killed off a major character and the online community blew up with shock, disbelief and even heartbreak.  Topics such as #RIPMcDreamy and #GreysAnatomy were trending online.  Popular memes and images circulated online to represents the viewers’ opinions and feelings, some of them quite strong.

Just like network and cable television series, reality show spoilers occur as well.  Unlike story plots or shocking twists, reality shows at the end of the competition reveal a winner.  As soon as the host announces, “and the winner is….” it is instantly posted online.

Imagine if social media was prevalent during the major events or finales of Dallas, MASH, Friends, Seinfeld and the X-Files.  Trending topics may have looked something like this: #whoshotJR? #shegotofftheplane #RossandRachelForever #SeinfieldFinale #TheTruthIsOutThere

Source: Google Images

Source: Google Images


Source: Google Images





Prior to social media, digital recorders and binge watching, viewing and discussing television shows was different.  You would call your friend on the phone afterwards or chat about it the next day at work.  Trending topics were at that time, what everyone was talking about the next day in person, and not a popular hashtag online.  Today, we don’t have to wait to ask “did you watch [insert tv show here] last night?”  With social media you can interact online with friends, other viewers, the actors and more while viewing in real time.

Social Media has allowed for real-time communication and discussion in the entertainment industry – how can social media help you interact?



You’ve heard about the breakout musical artists that found fame online (for more information on that, read Shawn Mendes and Walk Off The Earth find music success using Social Media),  but they are not the only ones.  A few other individuals have achieved success by posting online tutorials about beauty/makeup/fashion, comedy sketches and other content and videos as well.

YouTube and online stars and series have grown in popularity so much, that they have their own community and fans.  Award shows like The Webby Awards and events like DigiTour and #YouTubeFanfest now exist to celebrate this growing community.

The Webby’s

The Webby Awards is the leading international award honouring excellence on the internet.
Since their creation in 1996, The Webby’s reflect on the growth of the internet and honours excellence in five major media types.

  1. Websites
  2. Interactive Advertising & Media
  3. Online Film & Video
  4. Mobile Sites & Apps
  5. Social

“The Webby Awards is the internet’s most respected symbol of success.  Receiving nearly 13,000 entries from all 50 states and over 60 countries worldwide.”


DigiTour is an event that brings your favourite YouTube and Vine stars to you via the world’s first all ages social media tour.

The tour features Hayes Grier, Aaron Carpenter and many more.

The 19-city tour makes a stop in Toronto on June 13, 2015 at Echo Beach. Click here to see the schedule.

YouTube Fanfest

YouTube Fanfest brings YouTube’s biggest superstars from around the world together on stage for unique live shows.

This year’s event took place May 2, 2015 at Yonge & Dundas Square in Toronto and included:

  • Free showcase featuring 12 YouTube stars
  • Hosted by YouTube funny lady Jenna Marbles
  • Also appearing Bethany Moto and more
  • Each star has over 1 million subscribers
  • 3 hour red carpet event
Source: Google Images

Source: Google Images

As the popularity of online stars grow, so does the possibility of global fame through viral videos. Individuals post their content online hoping to build a niche following and expand from there, whether they are a musician, actor, talent scout, or expert.  The fans who may discover these individuals play a major role in spreading the word through e-mail, online forums and social media.

The uses of the online world are expanding everyday, becoming the norm for individuals to enjoy TV shows, movies, listen to music, and many more everyday activities.

As you can see, there are now award shows and events to honour and recognize the online community; but despite growing popularity they have not yet trumped more established media award ceremonies such as the Oscars or Grammys.

These online events have yet to create as much buzz or recognition as the more-historic Awards shows broadcasted on primetime TV. The Webby’s is not a “must-see” event for the masses…yet. However it may just be a matter of time before we all tune in to honour online media achievement in addition to feature films and music artistry.

Are you working on a concept for your viral video or social media campaign?




Source: Lou Molinaro

The other day I got to chat with Lou Molinaro, co-owner and promoter of Hamilton’s live entertainment venue, This Ain’t Hollywood.  We spoke about the success of local artists, Hamilton’s music scene and how social media factors in to the success of the venue, events and the artists who play there.

After leaving his previous job due to creative differences, Lou and his business partner, Glen Fulman found their own space.  In April 2009 a space for a new live entertainment venue was acquired and in June of the same year, This Ain’t Hollywood opened.


Source: Lou Molinaro

Local Arts & Community

This Ain’t Hollywood contributes to the local art scene, taking part in the art crawl each month on James Street North.  Every art crawl, a new/different artist will display their art at the back of the club.

Although the majority of the events that take place at the venue are 19+, Lou and his team ensure they don’t forget about the younger music fans.  Every Sunday they showcase an event for all ages, for artists to get a taste for performing in a live venue.  Lou creates relationships with young performers, so in the future once they (and their fans) are 19, they know where to play.

Social Media

I asked Lou about the importance of social media and having an online presence. In regards to their social media accounts, they have hired an individual who manages This Ain’t Hollywood’s Twitter and Facebook page.  Since Lou has been in the business, social media has changed the dynamic of promoting and marketing events.  He revealed that it has allowed This Ain’t Hollywood to reach cross border audiences, resulting in an increase of fans from Buffalo and Detroit coming to catch shows in Hamilton.


Marketing/promoting shows at This Ain’t Hollywood is a mix of old school promotion (print and posters) with the new school marketing of social media. Local artists are hired to create posters for upcoming shows.

“Hamilton is a city that has a lot of street traffic,”  said Lou, who mentioned the location of the posters is always strategically planned.  At the same time the posters can be seen, the local artist ties into the promotion of their artwork and/or show through social media.  CFMU student radio station at McMaster University, is another outlet where Lou promotes events at This Ain’t Hollywood.

Lou also shared a story about booking Monster Truck shortly after opening the club.  The show was a Monday night and they were promoting it heavily because it was a Monday and not on a weekend.  The show was a double bill with Monster Truck opening up for Mick Jagger’s son James Jagger and his band Turbogeist.  The success of the event and response Monster Truck received from the local crowd was amazing.  Monster Truck has since found positive recognition in Canada and across the globe.

Artists and Social Media

When it comes to promoting artists through social media, Lou suggests it’s a balance: “As much as we want to promote every show, sometimes it can be overkill. We don’t want to flood people’s social media feed, [to a point] at which they won’t stop and read our post.”

Terra Lightfoot, Lee Reed, Hachey The MouthPEACE  and Monster Truck are great examples of how social media can help spread success.  Social media is great tool for helping and supporting artists with upcoming album releases and shows.  It allows the artists to enlarge their fanbase and interact with their followers.

Lou emphasized that he embraces social media, as he believes it’s an important means of promoting, communicating and encouraging audiences to talk about and review the show.  He enjoys going home after a show and seeing all the videos, pictures and comments posted online.

Music Trends

This Ain’t Hollywood is not one to simply follow a trend for the sake of doing so.  The artists they book are from all genres of music.  Lou believes this variety is crucial in reaching a wide range of music fans.  Lou also believes in quality music, therefore he often pushes for more quality sounding artists than the most recent hit sensations looking for a stop on tour.  This Ain’t Hollywood isn’t about what artists will be the next big thing, its about supporting local artists, music and the community.


Source: Lou Molinaro

Hamilton’s Music Scene

Hamilton nourishes their artists.  With better known ones often taking newer or younger artists on tour with them.  What sets Hamilton apart is they don’t shy away from their originality.   Lou mentioned he’s seen a migration of artists coming from Toronto, which is making Hamilton’s music community more confident.

Don’t count out Hamilton as one of the leading music cities in Canada.  Artists and others in the music industry have taken notice of Hamilton’s music scene, which is growing, but also not afraid of offering something different.

Hamilton is becoming a true music community,” said Lou as he also noted there are seven venues in Hamilton that showcase original live music. “Not trying to be trendy or create a scene, we are community; this is how it will be in 5, 10 years time…Doing things our way!”

This Ain’t Hollywood is located at 345 James St. N. Hamilton, ON.  For more information and upcoming events check out their website  You can also follow and like them on Twitter and Facebook.

Imagine if social media existed during the hype of Elvis, The Beatles, Jackson 5 and even the pop invasion during the late 1990s.  And then think about the effects now with the likes of One Direction.  Word of mouth, radio stations and music videos were the only way to learn about these new artists.  In today’s world, word of mouth is sharing a video online or discovering them on a reality competition show.  It can take just one person to peak interest and to spark a chain reaction.

Shawn Mendes


Photo Courtesy of Google Images

Photo Courtesy of Google Images

Just like fellow Canadian Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes has a very similar story of being discovered. Although, Mendes compares himself more to the likes of Ed Sheeran than Bieber, their instant popularity is in connection to social media.  Shawn began posting six second cover song videos to his Vine account in 2013.  In a matter of months his followers and views grew into the millions.  On Vine, Shawn has 3.8 million followers and 347, 552, 213 loops (the number of times his videos have been shared).  A majority of his videos on YouTube have over a million views and they include:

  • Music Videos
  • Interviews
  • Clips of Live Performances
  • Tour date and album announcements
  • Episodes of his “Life on the Road” series & more

At the age of 15, Shawn was discovered by current manager, Andrew Gertler.  Once signed to Island Records in June 2014, Shawn released his debut single Life of the Party.  The song debuted in the top 25 on Billboard’s Hot 100.

The future is bright for the youngster from Pickering, ON.  His debut album Handwritten will be released April 14th and he’s about to embark on two major tours. Being the opening act for Taylor Swift’s 1989 Tour and headlining his own tour.

Walk off the Earth


Walk Off The Earth is a band from Burlington, ON and another great example of being discovered online.  Their success began while posting low-budget videos of cover and original songs to YouTube.  The band is best known for its covers of popular music on YouTube, making use of uncommon instruments such as the ukulele and the theremin, as well as looping samples.  There cover video of Gotye’s Somebody I Use to Know generated an enormous amount of buzz, as the video demonstrated all members playing one guitar at the same time while performing the song.


Photo Courtesy of Google Images

The rock band was signed to Columbia Records in 2012 and appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that same year.  Walk Off The Earth released their debut album R.E.V.O  in 2013.

Social media has become a, if not the, new platform for up and coming artists or talented artists that have gone unnoticed to catch their big break.  Going on YouTube or Vine you are certain to find many individuals and groups doing the same, hoping to be the next Shawn Mendes or Walk off the Earth.  Who will be the next superstar?

Social Media has the potential to take performers to the next level. Interested in discussing how social media can move your career or business forward? Contact New Motto to begin the conversation.




The creation of social media, has allowed for television to become an interactive experience.  Viewers can join a live conversation with others who are also watching, sharing their thoughts and opinions during and after viewing.  A majority of television series now use social media to connect with their audience – allowing the show’s creators, stars and producers to join the online conversation and interact with fans.

Here are a few shows that utilize social media well:

  1. The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
  2. The Voice
  3. The Social
  4. Schitt’s Creek

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Since the debut of The Tonight Show in 1954, the show has garnered six hosts.  The current host Jimmy Fallon and the program itself display a great connection with their audience through social media.

How the Tonight Show uses Social Media

Fallon and his Tonight Show team come up with multiple ways to incorporate social media within the show.  One specific weekly segment they do is #Hashtags.  A day or two before, the @FallonTonight Twitter account tweets out the week’s hashtag topic. During Thursday’s broadcast Fallon shares his favourite responses.  Check out a few Tonight Show #Hashtags videos  here.

Also, although each week’s shows are pre-taped, when it airs at 11:35 PM, The Tonight Show takes part in live tweeting during each episode. To join the conversation insert #FallonTonight in your tweets.

These elements are popular and effective because a key aspect of social media is it allows everyone to have their say and TV shows are taking advantage of the increased interconnectivity that social media can provide. The Tonight Show is able to provide their audience with the opportunity to be involved in the show itself!


The Voice

The Voice is a singing reality competition program for aspiring artists. The series employs a panel of four coaches who critique the artists’ performances.  Each coach guides their teams of selected artists through the remainder of the season. The current coaches on this season are Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton and Pharrell.

How The Voice uses Social Media

Although the show doesn’t go live until the battle rounds (where two contestants from one team go head-to-head and their coach picks the one who will move on), while the blind auditions broadcast on-air, the four coaches tweet along with the viewers and share their thoughts and opinions about the contestants.  There is also a lot of playful banter between the coaches.

Viewers each week vote by phone, text and online.  It wasn’t until season five in 2013, that the “Instant Save” was introduced.  The Instant Save allowed viewers a five minute window during the live eliminations to vote via Twitter, by tweeting #VoiceSave[insert contestant’s name here]. This determined which contestant will continue on in the competition.

This allows viewers, directly through social media, to determine who continues on and eventually determine the winner.  The Voice Facebook page shares more video content, posting performance and behind the scenes videos. This is useful for viewers who may have happened to miss an episode.


The Social

The Social is a Canadian talk show hosted by four women, Melissa Grelo, Cynthia Loyst. Lainey Lui and Traci Melchor, discussing the day’s hot topics.  The Social prides themselves in being a socially interactive series, incorporating viewer feedback and conversation through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more.

How The Social uses Social Media

If you ever had a chance to catch an episode of The Social, it is very apparent that incorporating social media during the episodes is the crux of the series.  They encourage their viewers to join the conversation by tweeting or posting comments on their Facebook page.  Viewers who take part have their comments shared throughout the show. This allows a  dialogue between the hosts and the TV audience in real time since the show is live, giving viewers an outlet to discuss and give their opinions on the day’s hot topics.


Schitt’s Creek

Schitt’s Creek is a Canadian television sitcom that airs every Tuesday on CBC. The show stars SCTV alumni Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara.  Schitt’s Creek is about a wealthy couple who lose all their money are forced to rebuild their lives in a small town.

The cast uses social media to promote the weekly series.  They also live tweet during each week’s episode.  See the tweet below from cast member Dan Levy as an example.

To join the Schitt’s Creek conversation follow @SchittsCreek, @danjlevy and @Realeugenelevy on Twitter.


It’s not only TV shows that can use social media to connect with an audience. Check out how some companies right here in Hamilton, Ontario are utilizing social media strategy! 



In 2015, the JUNO Awards found its way back to Hamilton, Ontario.  This was the fifth time in JUNO history that Hamilton had the honour of being the host city.  Hamilton also hosted the JUNO Awards in 1995, 1996, 1997 and 2001.

About the JUNO Awards

The JUNO Awards is an annual event that takes place to honour and showcase the best in Canadian music.  They were introduced in 1970, it wasn’t until 1975 that the awards were broadcast live.  After 21 years, the JUNOS left the city of Toronto and hit the road.  Since then, a new Canadian city hosts the event each year.


The JUNOS is not just a one day event, it’s a full week.  Leading up to the big show on Sunday, many events were taking place in and around Hamilton.

(Click on the hashtags below to see the conversation on Twitter.)

SirusXM Juno Awards Kick Off

The Sheepdogs, Tokyo Police Club and Say Yes officially kicked off the festivities with a live show at Hamilton’s historic Liuna Station.


JUNOfest is a two-night music celebration that is part of JUNO Week 2015 that will hit more than 15 venues across the city.  JUNOfest is chance for the public to attend live shows from established and upcoming Canadian artists.  This event is an excellent promotional tool for local business.


juno_awards_hamilton_2015_hockeyJUNO Cup is a charitable hockey game, where NHL greats and Olympic athletes face off against Canadian musicians.  The JUNO Cup was first introduced in 2004.  This fun game is something you won’t see anywhere else.  Where else but the JUNO Cup can you see former Maple Leaf Gary Roberts cross-check Canadian rocker Chris Crippin? #JUNOCup

JUNO Fan Fare

juno_awards_hamilton_2015_shawn_mendesJUNO Fan Fare brought the masses to Limeridge Mall.  Fan fare is an opportunity for fans to meet their favourite Canadian artists.

Artists like Shawn Mendes, Arkells, Lights, Sam Roberts and Dallas Smith, just to name a few, all took part.

Twitter and Instagram were buzzing with photos of fans, the artists and lots of selfies!  #JUNOFanFare


JUNO Red Carpet

The red carpet is one of the most exciting element of any awards show.  Whether you are lucky enough to be part of it in person or watch it on television from home, it’s the place where all your favourite celebrities arrive.  I got to experience the red carpet live up close and personal.

juno_awards_hamilton_2015_red_carpetThere was a strong effort to build the red carpet’s online presence.  Reporters were using selfie sticks during their interviews, while showcasing the crowd. A Vine 360 cam captured the full head to toe look of the artists.  Fans were also involved, tweeting their photos from the red carpet using #JUNORedCarpet and #JUNOS.  JUNO TV live streamed the whole event for viewers at home.

2015 JUNO Awards

Before the show kicked off, a slideshow on two video screens displayed how the audience stayed connected through the entire event using social media.  Photos and videos from all the JUNO events were being shared on the JUNOS online pages.  A montage video featured a look into the beauty and history of Hamilton.

Social media was the source of determining which artist took home the TD Canada Trust Fan Choice award.  The fan choice awards is powered by voting through Twitter and Facebook.
Live tweeting from many radio, TV and online media outlets, took place during the event.

@TheJUNOawards updated their Twitter page throughout the broadcast, posting videos of the night’s performers.  #JUNOTV also hosted a backstage lounge, where they interviewed the night’s big winners.

Smartphones were being used more than digital cameras to capture the moment.  By being able to use a smartphone, individuals could post/share their content in real time on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

In addition to the internet and social media platforms buzzing with information about the Hamilton-based event, the JUNO Awards were beneficial to the host city in a number of ways, such as:

  • Increasing tourism
  • Promoting local businesses
  • Increasing revenue for local businesses
  • Supporting local musicians

All in all, the 2015 JUNO Awards was a very memorable event and had a great online presence to help add to the conversation.

–Jennifer Hanhan, Communications Coordinator, New Motto Inc.

Are you considering how you can use social media to help promote your next event?
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