2015 has passed and in its wake a new year, 2016, has arrived. If you’re reading this article then I’m assuming you have decided to either start in your pursuit of professional development or are beginning where you have left off last year. Whether you are a novice or experienced professional, this article will share information to help in your future success – no matter where you are at in your career.

The Importance of Focusing on Your Highest Priorities

As you know, time is money. That’s why “spending” and “wasting” are common ways to express what we do with these valuable commodities. So, it is important to be careful when planning your time.


“7 Habits of Highly Effective People” and creator of the workshop “Focus – Achieving Your Highest Priorities”. He suggests to deliberately think of your highest goal, priority or value in order to be more effective in your daily time-management.

Additionally, he advises to spend 20-30 minutes per week to determine the most important goals and tasks for the coming week. Another 10 minutes should be spent every morning with the same goal in mind to cut down on low-priority tasks.

This is a highly focused approach which will help you detect the most important tasks on your to-do list.  You can consciously choose what will help you achieve your goals while identifying what will not.

This key concept will make it easier to plan your day and week. If you only commit to things which help you achieve your goals, you will free up more time. You can spend this extra time on building important relationships or further investing in your goals.

The Importance of Networking


You have probably heard the statistics before. Most employed people found their job through networking. About 41 percent of people who work made use of their contacts in order to be hired. Only 25 percent used online Job Boards to land that gig. 

Networking is important. It is an effective way to achieve your career goals. It enables you to connect with your target industry, learn tricks of the trade from like-minded people and  provides you with a list of contacts. These contacts will become helpful when you are looking for partners to start a joint venture or help when you need professional advice.

Always operating on the principle of ‘paying it forward’, you also need to be open and willing to help and mentor others.

There are many great guides networking that will help you. They will help you hone your networking skills so you can turn contacts into lasting connections.

For a helpful guide and a book list, check out Top 10 Networking Books for Your Career Success.

Looking to Connect but Don’t Know Where to Start?

If you live in Hamilton, organizations like Hamilton Hive, Innovation Factory or CoMotion on King  have planned a series of professional development events (where you can network as well) for the month of January. See list below.

Innovation Factory

 January 19, 2016 – SURGE Startup Connection

January 20, 2016 – Startup Career Fair

January 26, 2016 – Lunch’n Learn: How to Become Fearlessly Creative

CoMotion On King

January 20, 2016 – Coworking: Why It Works for Hamilton Businesses and How It Can Work for You

January 21, 2016 – Hacking Health Hamilton Cafe

Hamilton Hive

January 20, 2016 – Startup Career Fair

January 28, 2016 – Plug IN: Media Mixer

Hamilton Chamber of Commerce

January 21, 2016 – Innovation & Technology Committee Meeting

January 28, 2016 – Connections

January 28, 2016 – YEP Division Meeting

January 28, 2016 – Business After Business at McMaster Centre for Continuing Ed

If you are ready to bring in new business today (and you are an early riser), visit the BNI Executive Referrals meeting, every Tuesday @ 7am at William’s Fresh Cafe, 47 Discovery Drive, Hamilton, ON. This is a professional group dedicated to passing qualified referrals between fellow entrepreneurs. For more details about BNI Executive Referrals, click here.

Networking – A Success Story


Our president, Kyle Kuchmey, can’t stress the importance of networking enough. He says: “ I can honestly say that 100% of my clients and talent pool can be attributed to networking, either in-person or online through social media and our company’s web presence.”

A great tip to keep in mind when networking, he thinks, is to “find a balance between professionalism and sharing your individual personality and motives. Being professional helps people to trust and rely on you. Expressing who you really are leads to stronger, more meaningful connections.”

His three primary networks in Hamilton include BNI Executive Referrals, Hamilton Chamber of Commerce and the McMaster Alumni Association.

Inspired? Reach out to us and connect with us via LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook or drop us a line and tell us your success story.


‘Tis the Season – Celebrate the Holidays by Giving in Hamilton

For many, the holiday season is their favourite time of year. It is a time when friends meet and families get together to celebrate. Among fond memories of past holidays, people seem happier. The city is decorated for the season; snow and store windows add to the festive atmosphere.


Unfortunately however, not everyone has the means to make this time as special as one wishes. Between job losses, layoffs and other events which prohibit a person to celebrate with gifts and dinner parties for loved ones, some struggle to pay bills and are unable to put a festive meal on the family’s dinner table.

Many charitable organizations around town are aware of these difficulties and collect donations. Special food and toy drives in November and December help out families in need to make the holiday season special for everyone.

New Motto actively supports these, so we thought we’d do our part to share some information about just a few of the many important organizations that help support Hamiltonians during this time of year.Unknown

Giving back during the Holiday Season makes sense because there are many among us who are less fortunate and a simple financial donation, food item, a toy or even one’s time can go a long way to helping others get into the Christmas spirit.  Isn’t being charitable towards your neighbours what this time of year is all about?

There are 10 Christmas Registries currently serving the Hamilton community dedicated to making this time a special time for everyone. These registristries are supported by some of the following organizations:

The Good Shepherd Food Bank

Good Shepherd is helping up to 3000 men, women and children in need by providing a free Christmas Dinner on Sunday December 20th, 2015 at the Hamilton Convention Centre. In addition to a festive celebration, each child gets to take home a new Christmas toy and every adult a gift of toiletries. Good Shepherd is also providing up to 3000 families with Christmas Hampers intended to assist them in making a Christmas dinner.

To sponsor a family simply call 905.572.6435.

Neighbour 2 Neighbour

N2N provides approximately 1600 families with food for the holidays, grocery store gift cards, comfort foods and holiday treats. Gifts and stocking stuffers are available for children up to 12 years of age.

If this sounds like a charity you would like to support, you can drop off food donations Monday to Friday from 9:30 a.m.- 3:30 p.m. and Thursday until 8 p.m. at their Hamilton location situated at 28 Athens Street.

You would like to make a financial contribution instead? Great! For every dollar that is donated N2N raises $5 worth of food! You can donate here.

United Way 


This organization is partnering with McCormick Canada this Holiday season to provide healthy meals to families. McCormick Canada promised to donate $5,000 to the United Way for every 1000 likes its Facebook page receives – up to a contribution of $30,000 – to help communities across Canada! You can find their Facebook page here and show your support until December 28th.



The Frances McCrone Toy and Food Drive at McMaster University


“Members of the campus community are reminded at this time of year that supporting their community – be it McMaster, Westdale or Hamilton – is a critical and essential way they can showcase their exemplary citizenship. “ – Ben Chapdelaine, Associate Director, Annual Giving

If you are interested in helping out your community this Christmas, you could start a toy or food drive in your office, residence or department and drop off your unwrapped donations at a collection box in one of McMaster’s libraries (Mills, Innis, Thode or the Health Science Library). The last day to drop of items is December 18th. If you are unsure of what to give, how about toys, books, craft kits and puzzles for infants and toddlers and gift certificates such as movie tickets, sport items and equipment for older children? Items for family pets are also welcome. Whatever you decide to gift, we are sure it will make a child or pet at the Salvation Army’s Christmas Toy Bureau very happy.

If you have any further questions please contact Eden McLean at 905.525.9140 x27099.


Between Black Friday sales, busy work weeks and family gatherings it is easy to forget how fortunate many of us are – Good health, a safe home and food on the table are everyday advantages that, sadly, not every family has.  A recent study concluded, that money really can buy happiness – but only if you give it away (in “A Year of Living Generously” by Lawrence Scanlan). We  hope you are inspired to put this study to the test and donate to one of these very worthy charities this holiday season.


The success story of Mark Scattolon and Fabian Raso’s Hangry App began simple enough: two college students trying to revolutionize the way we think about food.

While standing in line to get that daily breakfast bagel and coffee combo, Fabian realized that his life would be significantly easier if he could simply pre – order his food and then pick it up – thereby skipping the line and actually making it to his morning classes at Queens University.

All it took for the Hangry App developers was this light-bulb moment and a series of strategically planned and fortunate events, which since then have helped the two create big waves.


In 2014, the app made an appearance on Hamilton’s own Lion’s Lair and won $15,000. In February of 2015 the two were both accepted into Futurpreneur Canada’s financial program to help grow their business. A week later met with then prime-minister Stephen Harper who admittedly said that he gets “hangry all the time”.


“Hangry” –a hybrid between the words hungry and angry– has recently been added to the online Oxford Dictionary in late August under the explanation “being bad tempered or irritable as a result of hunger”. 

The real breakthrough however will likely be the collaboration between the app-makers and the three cast members of the Dragon’s Den: Michele Romanow, Joe Mimran and Michael Wekerle. The episode, captured in May and released late last month, depicts the entrepreneurs receiving $120,000 in exchange for 20 per cent of their company.


What was most enticing in addition to Hangry Apps clever promise to skip the line, is the in-app feature that lets participating restaurants collect analytical data on its clientele, use the information to send special promotional offers and reward them with loyalty points.

These Apps might change the way Restaurants think

Recent research by Crone Consulting on Apps like Hangry concluded that “every quick-service restaurant should have a mobile express lane” in two years from now.

Is this a look into the future?

According to Marshall McLuhan it could be. The “medium is the message” may once again strike the landscape and change the way people organize their day. Apps like Hangry may not only save people time and add to their convenience, they may also trigger a drastically new blueprint to the quick-service industry.

Richard Crone estimates that a plan to incorporate these Apps into their business strategy may cost up to $25,000 due to retrofitting computer systems, redesigning restaurants, customizing apps and training employees. However, it could also come with an up to 30 per cent increase in total traffic.

“The hardest part”, according to Starbucks spokeswoman Mills, “is just customer awareness”.

Getting customers in on the secret of convenient and no-nonsense attitudes towards waiting in line shouldn’t be too hard – after all, it’s a great product.

New Motto thinks that with the right social media strategy and marketing campaign it should be easy to convert and enlighten customers to the new way of foodism in the 21st century.




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