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New Motto has been paying office rent in the form of coffees and lunches for over three years now.  Our location? Any of the convenient WiFi-enabled cafes and restaurants in Hamilton’s James Street, Locke Street, and Westdale neighbourhoods. Over the years, I’ve learned a few things about scouting out the best seat in the house. In case you are interested in running your own cafe office, here are my top three cafe office workspace secrets:

Find a spot that has a good view of the door, but is not too close to the door. This way you are able to see your next appointment as they enter, but you won’t be distracted by the traffic going in and out while you are meeting.

If you need your computer for your meeting, get there early and set it up first. Make sure the WiFi is working. Remember, it is not the cafe’s fault if their WiFi is down–their main priority is to have fast, reliable coffee, not internet service.  If internet connection is mission-critical, you might want to have a smartphone-tethered connection as a Plan B.

Beware of wobbly tables. Especially if you’re a caffeine-addicted mobile entrepreneur, always with a coffee on the go–one slight lean on a bad table could seriously dampen your laptop and thus your livelihood. Simple? Perhaps. But cafe office safety is everyone’s responsibility. 😉

I believe New Motto’s streak of successful cafe office hopping has been beneficial for all those involved–nice, relaxed environments for our clients & team members, injecting a little revenue into the local economy, and I know it’s kept overhead low and productivity high for us. So, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank some of our most-frequented honorary New Motto offices:

Johnny’s Coffee
Mulberry Street Coffee House
My Dog Joe
Ceylon Tea Bush
Starbucks on Locke
Starbucks near McMaster University
Bean Bar
Valentino’s Restaurant in Westdale

Your hospitality–and WiFi–help keep our city great. Most sincerely, I thank you!

Though New Motto will always be supporters of the mobile office and all the delicious benefits that come with it, we will also be gaining some brick & mortar office space on Locke Street starting September 1, 2013.  Stay tuned for more details. If you’re interested in visiting us at our Locke Street location (once we’re moved in, of course) please drop us a line!

Posted By: Kyle Kuchmey, President, New Motto

Kyle Kuchmey

Photo Taken at Mulberry Street Coffee House

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