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The creation of social media, has allowed for television to become an interactive experience.  Viewers can join a live conversation with others who are also watching, sharing their thoughts and opinions during and after viewing.  A majority of television series now use social media to connect with their audience – allowing the show’s creators, stars and producers to join the online conversation and interact with fans.

Here are a few shows that utilize social media well:

  1. The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
  2. The Voice
  3. The Social
  4. Schitt’s Creek

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Since the debut of The Tonight Show in 1954, the show has garnered six hosts.  The current host Jimmy Fallon and the program itself display a great connection with their audience through social media.

How the Tonight Show uses Social Media

Fallon and his Tonight Show team come up with multiple ways to incorporate social media within the show.  One specific weekly segment they do is #Hashtags.  A day or two before, the @FallonTonight Twitter account tweets out the week’s hashtag topic. During Thursday’s broadcast Fallon shares his favourite responses.  Check out a few Tonight Show #Hashtags videos  here.

Also, although each week’s shows are pre-taped, when it airs at 11:35 PM, The Tonight Show takes part in live tweeting during each episode. To join the conversation insert #FallonTonight in your tweets.

These elements are popular and effective because a key aspect of social media is it allows everyone to have their say and TV shows are taking advantage of the increased interconnectivity that social media can provide. The Tonight Show is able to provide their audience with the opportunity to be involved in the show itself!


The Voice

The Voice is a singing reality competition program for aspiring artists. The series employs a panel of four coaches who critique the artists’ performances.  Each coach guides their teams of selected artists through the remainder of the season. The current coaches on this season are Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton and Pharrell.

How The Voice uses Social Media

Although the show doesn’t go live until the battle rounds (where two contestants from one team go head-to-head and their coach picks the one who will move on), while the blind auditions broadcast on-air, the four coaches tweet along with the viewers and share their thoughts and opinions about the contestants.  There is also a lot of playful banter between the coaches.

Viewers each week vote by phone, text and online.  It wasn’t until season five in 2013, that the “Instant Save” was introduced.  The Instant Save allowed viewers a five minute window during the live eliminations to vote via Twitter, by tweeting #VoiceSave[insert contestant’s name here]. This determined which contestant will continue on in the competition.

This allows viewers, directly through social media, to determine who continues on and eventually determine the winner.  The Voice Facebook page shares more video content, posting performance and behind the scenes videos. This is useful for viewers who may have happened to miss an episode.


The Social

The Social is a Canadian talk show hosted by four women, Melissa Grelo, Cynthia Loyst. Lainey Lui and Traci Melchor, discussing the day’s hot topics.  The Social prides themselves in being a socially interactive series, incorporating viewer feedback and conversation through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more.

How The Social uses Social Media

If you ever had a chance to catch an episode of The Social, it is very apparent that incorporating social media during the episodes is the crux of the series.  They encourage their viewers to join the conversation by tweeting or posting comments on their Facebook page.  Viewers who take part have their comments shared throughout the show. This allows a  dialogue between the hosts and the TV audience in real time since the show is live, giving viewers an outlet to discuss and give their opinions on the day’s hot topics.


Schitt’s Creek

Schitt’s Creek is a Canadian television sitcom that airs every Tuesday on CBC. The show stars SCTV alumni Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara.  Schitt’s Creek is about a wealthy couple who lose all their money are forced to rebuild their lives in a small town.

The cast uses social media to promote the weekly series.  They also live tweet during each week’s episode.  See the tweet below from cast member Dan Levy as an example.

To join the Schitt’s Creek conversation follow @SchittsCreek, @danjlevy and @Realeugenelevy on Twitter.


It’s not only TV shows that can use social media to connect with an audience. Check out how some companies right here in Hamilton, Ontario are utilizing social media strategy! 







In 2015, the JUNO Awards found its way back to Hamilton, Ontario.  This was the fifth time in JUNO history that Hamilton had the honour of being the host city.  Hamilton also hosted the JUNO Awards in 1995, 1996, 1997 and 2001.

About the JUNO Awards

The JUNO Awards is an annual event that takes place to honour and showcase the best in Canadian music.  They were introduced in 1970, it wasn’t until 1975 that the awards were broadcast live.  After 21 years, the JUNOS left the city of Toronto and hit the road.  Since then, a new Canadian city hosts the event each year.


The JUNOS is not just a one day event, it’s a full week.  Leading up to the big show on Sunday, many events were taking place in and around Hamilton.

(Click on the hashtags below to see the conversation on Twitter.)

SirusXM Juno Awards Kick Off

The Sheepdogs, Tokyo Police Club and Say Yes officially kicked off the festivities with a live show at Hamilton’s historic Liuna Station.


JUNOfest is a two-night music celebration that is part of JUNO Week 2015 that will hit more than 15 venues across the city.  JUNOfest is chance for the public to attend live shows from established and upcoming Canadian artists.  This event is an excellent promotional tool for local business.


juno_awards_hamilton_2015_hockeyJUNO Cup is a charitable hockey game, where NHL greats and Olympic athletes face off against Canadian musicians.  The JUNO Cup was first introduced in 2004.  This fun game is something you won’t see anywhere else.  Where else but the JUNO Cup can you see former Maple Leaf Gary Roberts cross-check Canadian rocker Chris Crippin? #JUNOCup

JUNO Fan Fare

juno_awards_hamilton_2015_shawn_mendesJUNO Fan Fare brought the masses to Limeridge Mall.  Fan fare is an opportunity for fans to meet their favourite Canadian artists.

Artists like Shawn Mendes, Arkells, Lights, Sam Roberts and Dallas Smith, just to name a few, all took part.

Twitter and Instagram were buzzing with photos of fans, the artists and lots of selfies!  #JUNOFanFare


JUNO Red Carpet

The red carpet is one of the most exciting element of any awards show.  Whether you are lucky enough to be part of it in person or watch it on television from home, it’s the place where all your favourite celebrities arrive.  I got to experience the red carpet live up close and personal.

juno_awards_hamilton_2015_red_carpetThere was a strong effort to build the red carpet’s online presence.  Reporters were using selfie sticks during their interviews, while showcasing the crowd. A Vine 360 cam captured the full head to toe look of the artists.  Fans were also involved, tweeting their photos from the red carpet using #JUNORedCarpet and #JUNOS.  JUNO TV live streamed the whole event for viewers at home.

2015 JUNO Awards

Before the show kicked off, a slideshow on two video screens displayed how the audience stayed connected through the entire event using social media.  Photos and videos from all the JUNO events were being shared on the JUNOS online pages.  A montage video featured a look into the beauty and history of Hamilton.

Social media was the source of determining which artist took home the TD Canada Trust Fan Choice award.  The fan choice awards is powered by voting through Twitter and Facebook.
Live tweeting from many radio, TV and online media outlets, took place during the event.

@TheJUNOawards updated their Twitter page throughout the broadcast, posting videos of the night’s performers.  #JUNOTV also hosted a backstage lounge, where they interviewed the night’s big winners.

Smartphones were being used more than digital cameras to capture the moment.  By being able to use a smartphone, individuals could post/share their content in real time on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

In addition to the internet and social media platforms buzzing with information about the Hamilton-based event, the JUNO Awards were beneficial to the host city in a number of ways, such as:

  • Increasing tourism
  • Promoting local businesses
  • Increasing revenue for local businesses
  • Supporting local musicians

All in all, the 2015 JUNO Awards was a very memorable event and had a great online presence to help add to the conversation.

–Jennifer Hanhan, Communications Coordinator, New Motto Inc.

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