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ones and zeros - ultimate design

Illustrated by: Sari M. Richter, sarimichellerichter.com
Created & Written by: Kyle Kuchmey

Ones and zeros: Getting on the same page

Illustrated by: Sari M. Richter, sarimichellerichter.com
Created & Written by: Kyle Kuchmey


Ones and Zeros - Mobile Website Design

Illustrated by: Sari M. Richter, sarimichellerichter.com
Created & Written by: Kyle Kuchmey

It’s not enough for web designers to only consider desktop users. As smartphone users, we expect an easy and enjoyable mobile website experience on every site we visit. If the design makes us constantly zoom, scroll, and reload–chances are, we won’t be visiting that site for too long.

Mobile app development was the first movement that took the the market by storm (circa 2009, if memory serves).  The app development companies who were first through the door, easily sold organizations with big tech budgets on the value of app development. They equated offering your audience an app with being innovative. They took advantage of the buzz–and who could blame them? I know when I first got my iPhone, I was downloading apps non-stop.

In hind-sight, most corporate app projects had poor ROI. Functionality was relatively low and the user experience was very lack-lustre. Oh, not to mention the fact that it needed to be designed multiple times, to accommodate the available smartphone platforms. Often the corporate app offered little more than could be accomplished on the website.

Then came responsive design.  From a visual perspective and a cost-efficiency perspective, responsive design became a go-to solution for web developers.  Responsive design allows websites to automatically adjust based on screen resolutions. This ensures a good user experience for smartphone users, no matter what smartphone they had.  One design, multiple platforms.

In defence of app development companies–they have certainly come a long way in a short period of time. Companies that can tap into the needs of their audience and the capabilities of smartphone platforms, an app can be a unique and highly effective to a smartphone user.  And there are certain complex functions of the smartphone (scanning, high data transfer, GPS, phone, etc.) that cannot yet be achieved by responsive design alone.

Here is a great infographic that can help you decide the best mobile development technique for your audience:


Also, here are some great local, Hamilton, Ontario companies that offer innovative mobile solutions:




About Ones and Zeros

Ones and Zeros is a comic strip, inspired by the uniquely ironic situations that arise in digital communications. It is illustrated by Sari M. Richter and written by Kyle Kuchmey.

Ones and Zeros latest releases are available exclusively at newmotto.ca. We encourage you to share Ones and Zeros comics on your website, blog, or social media accounts. We only ask that you link back to our original blog post where you downloaded the comic.

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CCAE Social Media Cafe

Social Media Cafe will allow CCAE members to connect regularly online and share their successes, challenges and understanding of social media within the advancement sector. The aim is to actively encourage peer-to-peer learning. Each session will have a key theme regarding social media and its relation to education advancement. CCAE services many areas of advancement, such as:

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  • public affairs

To meet the needs of this broad network of professionals, our approach is an inclusive one. There are currently 8 sessions scheduled from October to April 2014. Each session will have a primary theme, that will focus on specific areas of advancement, and will also allow for open dialogue on broader topics around social media strategy. This will encourage members to attend each session no matter what the theme is, so they don’t miss out on the latest evolutions in the dialogue.

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