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Now that major websites affected by the Heartbleed bug have taken appropriate measures to secure their services, people are left wondering what long-term impact this security breech will have on their private information.

Will my bank account be safe? How do I ensure my identity will not be stolen? Who is ultimately responsible for this breech in security?


Fortunately, the developers and security stakeholders of the world have begun to provide resources to help concerned individuals understand the latest status of the Heartbleed bug.

1. Official Website –

2. Heartbleed Test –

3. List of Websites Affected by Heartbleed –

The easiest precautionary measure you can take, as a concerned online user, is to change your password for any accounts you feel may have been compromised.  But before you change every password for every online account you might have (which would be a daunting task for most), be sure to use the resources above to get a better sense of the status.  If the website recommends a password change, proceed with an update immediately. If they have successfully ensured their system is secure, no need for the password update. That being said, periodical password changing is a good habit to develop, in general.