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New Motto is seeking a talented WordPress web developer with a keen business and sales sensibility for our WP Developer & Sales Rep position.

For more information, please see the full job post on Software Hamilton:

Software Hamilton

I had the privilege of connecting with a number of enthusiastic local thinkers during Startup Weekend Hamilton held at Innovation Factory / McMaster Innovation Park. Teams connected over the course of the weekend to build online application concepts, even working prototypes to practice brining an idea to market. I attended as a mentor during the Saturday portion, when much of the initial building and market research happens.

Startup Weekend Hamilton - via Software Hamilton

Startup Weekend Hamilton – via

This was my first Startup Weekend. I was instantly impressed by the quality of initial concepts. The industries impacted by the concepts were diverse, ranging from healthcare to business to data mining. It was impressive to see the diversity of skill sets available in the room and to watch how cohesive some of the teams became in such a short period of time. I spent a great deal of time with a team working on an app to enhance networking by adding advanced note-taking and notifications to a user’s smartphone contact list.

I have to give a big thanks to Chad Fullerton for the invitation to help mentor! And to anyone who didn’t make Start Weekend Hamilton this year, definitely keep your eye out for it next time–it’s a can’t-miss.


Now that major websites affected by the Heartbleed bug have taken appropriate measures to secure their services, people are left wondering what long-term impact this security breech will have on their private information.

Will my bank account be safe? How do I ensure my identity will not be stolen? Who is ultimately responsible for this breech in security?


Fortunately, the developers and security stakeholders of the world have begun to provide resources to help concerned individuals understand the latest status of the Heartbleed bug.

1. Official Website –

2. Heartbleed Test –

3. List of Websites Affected by Heartbleed –

The easiest precautionary measure you can take, as a concerned online user, is to change your password for any accounts you feel may have been compromised.  But before you change every password for every online account you might have (which would be a daunting task for most), be sure to use the resources above to get a better sense of the status.  If the website recommends a password change, proceed with an update immediately. If they have successfully ensured their system is secure, no need for the password update. That being said, periodical password changing is a good habit to develop, in general.

I joined one of our New Motto video team members, Craig Watkins, for a fantastic evening at Carmen’s in Hamilton last night.  Put on by the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce, the Outstanding Business Achievement Awards 2013 recognized a variety of talent from Young Entrepreneurs, to Not-For-Profits to Large Businesses making an impact on the city. New Motto, supplied the award nominees’ video production for the evening.  It’s always satisfying seeing the finished work on the big screen with a hall filled with interested audience members.

Hamilton Outstanding Business Achievement Awards 2013

Photo by @HamiltonChamber

Congratulations to all of the winners and nominees. The full story & list of nominees is available on this Hamilton Spectator article:

I’m sure the judges had a difficult time selecting the winners as there were so many inspiring businesses nominated. I also have to give a special thanks to our videographer, Craig for his excellent work on the nominee videos. They really added something special to the event.

If you are interested in producing a video for your organization, please get in touch with us at

On Thursday, February 27th, 2014, I attended Hamilton Digital Media Interactive (HDMI). A number of New Motto team members were also in attendance to join in the festivities.

HDMI has officially become an annual tradition for me, to help stay in the loop on all things film, animation, gaming, design, music and new media in Hamilton–and there is a lot happening. After having a great time at HDMI 2013, I was greatly looking forward to attending the 2014 event.

Photo via @HiveStudios.

Photo via @HiveStudios.

This year, HDMI was presented by CoBALT Connects, City Of Hamilton, and Innovation Factory, and sponsored by Trios College, McMaster Innovation Park, Mohawk College, CHCH, and The Art Gallery of Hamilton. The venue was the Atrium at McMaster Innovation Park–a spacious and comfortable environment to accommodate the many things happening: info booths, a delicious buffet, a video gear corner by Hamilton Video & Sound, and much more.

I made a point of inviting some friends/colleagues, but was happy to accidentally connect with some new (and some familiar) faces. I finally had a chance to meet Cobalt Connects Chief Connector and Cultural Strategist, Jeremy Freiburger. After a LinkedIn connection and sitting across from Jeremy at a number of Hamilton Chamber of Commerce meetings, it was great to finally shake the man’s hand. Jeremy was experimenting with a very interesting 360 degree camera for HDMI, seen below.

Photo via @CoBALTCONNECTS: The 360 degree camera.

Photo via @CoBALTCONNECTS: The 360 degree camera.

A big thanks to the presenters and sponsors of HDMI 2014 for an excellent event. And thanks for including our New Motto video clip in their HDMI demo reel, too! Already looking forward to HDMI 2015.


As of February 10, 2014, New Motto has officially become an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB).  This means, BBB acknowledges that New Motto meets a set of business standards and upholds the BBB Code of Business Practices, which includes the following key principles:

  • Build trust
  • Advertise honestly
  • Tell the truth
  • Be transparent
  • Honor promises
  • Be responsive
  • Safeguard privacy
  • Embody integrity

A full description of the Code can be found here:

Even before getting involved with the BBB, New Motto has always considered these principles extremely important to conducting good business.  We hope this new accreditation will now make it easier for new clients to feel confident in the history of trust that New Motto has built with our clients.

You can now find our BBB Rating here:

Click for the Better Business Bureau (BBB) Business Review of this web design company in Hamilton ON

If you are a past client, happy with your project with us, I would greatly appreciate it if you could share our success with the BBB community here:

My name is Alycia Mazepa, and I have just begun my role as a Sales and Business Development Representative at New Motto this past month. I am a fourth year student at the DeGroote School of Business specializing in Information Systems while working toward a minor in Computer Science.

On Thursday, September 12, 2013, Software Hamilton hosted another StartupDrinks event where people in Hamilton and surrounding areas could come together to discuss project ideas, and form relationships. I had the opportunity of attending this event for the first time on behalf of New Motto, and was able to learn about many projects that were going on within this area. The people and the atmosphere at The Winking Judge were friendly, and allowed for the exact goal of StartupDrinks to be accomplished.

When attending this event, I had not realized that there were so many great things going on within Hamilton. There were many projects in the midst of discussion touching topics including learning languages, real-estate, and gaming between many of the people attending. Within each of these projects, the people that gathered made suggestions on how to do things, how they could help, and in total gave advice on next steps. Overall, the people that attended the event were simply there to help!

The Winking Judge |

The Winking Judge was a warm and welcoming bar which only helped networking at this event. They had three areas for seating including front patio, inside sitting, and back patio. Throughout the evening more people joined for StartupDrinks and it quickly became a packed house, as people drew together to discuss only topics of innovation.

New Motto was able to gain some great exposure by going to this event, and making these connections. This was a great opportunity for New Motto to get and offer feedback on digital communication services.

If you are thinking of starting a small business or have an idea for an application definitely come out to StartupDrinks! The next StartupDrinks is on Thursday, October 9th. Gain connections, knowledge, and most of all a helping hand! New Motto hopes to see you there!

By: Alycia Mazepa


Hoping to connect with New Motto? Contact us at: We can help with all of your web, video and social media projects. Hope to talk to you soon!

Interested in a free website analysis? Contact us for a free one-page report analyzing your website’s features and the impact it is having on your digital communications strategy! We want to help you drive your business today!

So, you’ve decided to launch a website for your business. Or, you want your existing web presence to be more accessible to your audience and your staff. You’d like to have control over the design, the overall feel.  It is amazing how many business leaders find themselves in this situation, despite the amazing strides in website content management technology in the last decade.

Systems like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are well-established, robust and well-supported open source technologies. That means you can install it and use it for free. That empowers business leaders to administer their own website with minimal training and virtually no coding background.

These systems also provide many high-quality website templates that can be used as the foundation of your custom-branded website.  This speeds up design time and makes for a quick & easy website launch.

Image from
Responsive Website Design: websites that are easily viewed on any screen resolution.

Though much consideration has been made by these content management system communities, towards usability, often the best way to launch your DIY (Do-It-Yourself) website is to have a professional handle the initial installation. Most of us wouldn’t attempt to build our own house, though we are quite content to live in it and keeping it well-maintained. You can think of your website the same way.

Consider using a DIY Website Coach. A DIY Website Coach is an established web developer, who has access to all the expertise necessary to get your website up and running and looking great–exactly how you need it to be.  Your Coach can help build your site using an open-source technology, so that you know it has a solid support system in place. This ensures your website’s platform won’t be obsolete before its time. Your Coach will add all content and design elements that you want on your site. Your Coach will be there after your website goes live to show you how to access your site for yourself to make simple adjustments to your content, images, and other website features.

And yes, even if you use a Coach to launch your new website, you are still “doing-it-yourself”. This is your content, brand, and message that you are sharing with the world. And you will be the one that is able to access and control that message moving forward.  When/if something goes wrong on your site, you’ll always have your DIY Website Coach available to help you get back on track, with the right expertise. Having a DIY Website Coach gives you a great start to a website presence, ensures you are able to do-it-yourself without hesitation, and gives the peace of mind that you’ll have expert service available whenever you need it.

If you are a business leader, taking control of your organization’s online presence is key. If you or your team might benefit from using a DIY Website Coach, please get in touch with us!

Or, if you are located in the Hamilton, Ontario area, see what a DIY Website Coach can do for you in person. Check out our one-of-a-kind website building seminar: Website Building 101 – Using WordPress.  It’s happening every Wednesday in September 2013.

By Tom Wiercioch

Growing up in the 90’s was a funny experience. Grunge was born. Grunge died. Pogs, Pokemon, and Nerf toys came and went. We went from VHS to DVD. Our generation was also witness to the birth of the the Internet, and it seems like kids from the 90’s have their professional lives intertwined in the world wide web. The internet, then web 2.0 (or is it 3.0 now?), then social media, have all become so fastened to modern society that not a day goes by without most of us going online. You just proved my point by reading this article.

Read full article on The Starfish


WordCamp Hamilton 2013

Another great Hamilton event is coming up and we’d like to invite you to join the New Motto team in attending.

This event offers a great opportunity to learn more about one of the most popular and powerful open-source content management systems available: WordPress.

WordCamp Hamilton 2013
June 23, 2013
9am – 5pm

Art Gallery of Hamilton
Tanenbaum Pavilion
123 King St. W
Hamilton, ON

Continental breakfast
Catered lunch
Event t-shirt
Up to 7 talks from great WordPress speakers on a variety of topics
and much more!

If you are a New Motto client contact us to take advantage of a 15% event discount. Special thanks to the organizers of WordCamp Hamilton 2013 for providing our community with this special offer!


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